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Clapham Park Project's Overall Vision....

"Our vision is of a safe and welcoming place; a learning community which recognises and promotes its own skills and resources, and which can manage its own affairs with dignity."

To achieve our vision, we will concentrate on the implementation of 5 core themes:

• Managing our future 

• A learning & enterprising community

• A healthy and caring community 

• A safe and confident community

• Our landmark place

Snapshot of the Project.

The New Deal for Communities (NDC) Programme is one of the most important area based initiatives (ABIs) ever launched in England. It is designed to 'reduce the gaps between some of the poorest neighbourhoods and the rest of the Country'

In February 1999 the Clapham Park area was selected by a borough-wide strategic partnership to be Lambeth's New Deal for Communities neighbourhood. A successful bid led to the award of £56m over a ten-year period, starting in April 2000.

The NDC's programme is community-led and the purpose of the Clapham Park Project is to transform the lives and prospects of this deprived community.

Clapham Park New Deal for Communities (NDC) is located in the London Borough of Lambeth, in Southwest London. The area has come to be regarded as an 'estate', which has negative connotations, rather than a community, which is what we believe the area will be. It lies between other more prominent areas such as Brixton, Streatham, Balham and Clapham, and has been largely forgotten over the last 20 years.

The NDC area is home to an estimated population of 7,100 residents in approximately 3,200 households. The NDC site covers an area of 61.4 hectares. The western edge is formed by Clarence Avenue, Agnes Riley Gardens and Thornton Road and it extends to Brixton Hill to the east. The ward boundaries have been recently reorganised with the majority of the project area now falling within Thornton ward, and the eastern and south-eastern part falling into Brixton Hill ward and Streatham Hill ward respectively.