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b...Who's graced their way through the Generation Radio studio doors?  Check here to find out.

03/12/10  Genesis Elijah & The Krate Krusaders
Genesis Elijah finally came down to the GR studio’s for an interview along with 1Step from The Krate Krusaders, about their new album ‘Before I Was Famous’. Produce entirely by The Krate Krusaders, this album once again has some excellent production and some excellent rhymes by Genesis himself. This is Genesis’s second full LP release following his classic first album ‘Deh Pon Road’. This is a very personal album as he talks about the things that really matter to him which can be heard in tracks like Before Genesis, How To Be An MC which features Skillz, and the big single ‘Doing My Damn Thing’. There’s something for everyone on this release, another excellent hip hop release for 2010. We also had a chat with 1Step who told us about their release in 2011 featuring all US artists.                                               

26/11/10 Superior Thought & Ophqi (SMRG)
Once again another hip hop duo from South London who go by the name (SMRG) which stands for Superior Magnificent Rap Group, passed through the GR studio’s for an interview. Both Ophqi & Superior Thought are highly talented MC’s and they both make nice beats too. From the name SMRG you should expect something special, and that is just what we found out. They got some excellent beats to accompany their unique styles. They dropped a wicked freestyle on the show and we listened to their music which is all new and due for release in 2011. Their first release ‘We’re On The Right Track’ is due out in late January and they have works with the likes of Iron Braydz, Skillit, & Genesis Elijah amongst others. Also look out for Superior Thoughts solo project ‘Funk Hop & You Don’t Stop’, which is out now on the usual digital outlets.

19/11/10 Prose (Steady & Efeks)
South London hip hop duo, Prose passed through the GR studio’s for a chat about their excellent debut album , ‘Force Of Habbit’ which is out now on their label Boombap Preffesionals. With Steady making all the beats and Efeks on the mic this album has 18 amazing tunes featuring the likes of Reef The Last Cause, Killer Relik, the amazing voice of Belle, Ed Strong, & King Kaiow amongst others and cuts by the highly skilled DJ Mattman. If you love your hip hop then you need to support & buy this album which is available as MP3 and is out on CD too. Also look out for their previous releases over the last 8 years ‘The Boom Bap Bootleg’ Volumes 1 & 2.

30/10/10   Mowgli
London based MC Mowgli passed through the GR studio's for a chat and a preview of his excellent debut album '93'.  Released earlier this year on Mowgli's own label Dodeca Records, the album has 25 tunes which has something for everyone.  It bosts some awsome beats and rhymes and also features lots of talent like Jam Baxter, Flames Flutterby, Mp3dom, The Sound Scientists, Nicole Rowley, Stowaway amongst others.  The album has recieved some really good reviews and check out Mowgli's website for more information on tour dates and future releases.  He also dropped some fresh lyrics live on the show and told the listeners about his future projects with Stowaway.

09/09/10   Morrison Ford
London's best kept secret, Morrison Ford graced the studio for an interview & freestyle session on Thursday's hip hop show.  He's just released his mixtape 'Morrison Ford Volume 3', which is a free download from his website.  Its filled with some big tunes with appearnces from Roots Manuva & some nice beats by Chemo. Over the last 6 years Morrison's rep been getting bigger, he's got a nice flow and has been doing a lot of shows in the UK & abroad.  Listen out for his new releases in 2010 featuring the likes of Dubblege & French MC EKS

20/07/10   Sophie Moss
If you have ever struggled with the maintenance of your lucious kinky, wavy or curly hair then be sure to check out Kink by Nature. Founder of the company, Sophie Moss joined Cheneen in the studio to discuss the new business venture, hair care tips, ingredients to avoid and future developments. If you missed the interview be sure to check out the extensively brilliant website

14/07/10  Damian Gelle
You may not know him, but Damian is the person in charge of bringing the best DJs every summer to Clapham Common at the South West Four Weekender…and he’s a Clapham resident as well!  Damian told us about the beginnings of the festival back in 2004 and how, throughout the years, it has become one of the most important festivals in the UK, with a line-up this year that includes Fatboy Slim, Salt ‘n’ Pepa and Armin Van Buuren among many others. For more information on SW4, which takes place on the 28th and 29th of August, visit

1/07/10    Jack Flash
Jack Flash
returned to GR, this time for an extended preview of his excellent 'Sound Of Colours' EP, with 14 tunes of which he is giving away 9 as free downloads from his website, while you have to pay a small fee for the remaining 5 (bargain).  We also talked about his awsome band Extra Curricular and the End Of The Week MC challenge. The UK finals have just recently taken place where
Stig Of The Dump won and will represent the UK in the world finals. Look out for Jack Flash & his band Extra Curricular touring around the UK at various festivals this summer.

1/07/10    Louise Savia Wright & Ricky Defoe
Louise and Ricky –President and Chairman of RL Music Publishing respectively- came in to talk about how they went from singing and producing to starting their own publishing company. They also told us about the support and opportunities RL Music offers to aspiring artists. You can find out more about how to use their studios and even send them your demo on

21/04/10    Edward Davie
Labour candidate in Thornton in the next local election on May 6, Ed Davie took time off campaigning in Clapham Park to visit the studios of GR for an interview. We heard his views on what’s important in the area and how listening to the residents is a key part of his political campaign. He also talked about his work as a journalist and why -not surprisingly- life in South London is much better than up the river.

19/04/10   Brenda Russell
Singer-songwriter Brenda Russell joined Ian Henry on his Love Soul show via live phone link.  In this exclusive interview, they talked about her musical career which started nearly 40 years ago.  On the show, they listened to some of her classic songs like ' Get Here', 'If Only For One Night' and the Grammy nominated 'Piano In The Dark'.  Brenda Russeell's music is bound by neither time nor trend as she continues to attract fans around the world.  Ian's Loves Soul Show is on Mondays from 7-9pm. 

15/04/10   TY
TY returned to GR for an extended preview of his fourth album 'Special kind Of Fool', out on 19 April on BBE records.  On the album he has worked with artists such as lovers' rock singer Carroll Thompson, American singer Anthony Mills, Eric Rico and British soul sensation Sean Escoffery. Overall a very good album which is also available on vinyl.

24/03/10   Katrina Naomi
The poet Katrina Naomi, winner of the 2008 Templar Poetry Competition and the Ledbury Poetry Festival Text Poem Contest, was in GR to present her new book 'The Girl with the Cactus Handshake'. We also heard about her work for charity and the two exhibitions she is taking part on in the next few weeks. You can find out more about this and other events on

23/03/10   ‘If I ruled the World...’
Roxanne and Bertie, members of the Young Producers Group, visited GR to present ‘If I ruled the World...’, a platform for young people to express their ideas at the Battersea Arts Centre. Highlights of the event, which runs from the 24th to the 27th of March, include ‘Political Hustings’, ‘BAC Beatbox Academy showcase’ and two performances from Junction 25, Glasgow's acclaimed company of teenage performers and devisers. For a full list of events visit

21/03/10    Chima Anya
One of the freshest MC's coming out of London, Chima Anya came down to the GR studios for an interview and freestyle session.  He is about to release his first album 'New Day' in May this year, featuring Jehst, Soweto Kinch and some nice beats by Astrosnare.  His mixtape 'Higher Ground' -available as a free download- was released last year including 25 tracks of high quality which received mainstream radio play.  He has recently supported Brother Ali and is launching his album at Barfly in Camden on 9th

20/03/10     Lowkey
Definitely one of UK's finest, hip hop artist and poet Lowkey gave GR an exclusive phone interview where talked about collaborating with Mongrel and also his single 'Long Live Palestine', which went to No 1 in the Hip Hop download charts in the first week of release without any industry support.   He is off on a six week tour of America soon, after which he will come down to the studios of GR for a proper show.  Listen out for Lowkey on GR in the summer!

18/03/10     Jeye Severe
Straight out of Peterborough, Jeye Severe came down to the GR studios for an interview on the Thursday night Hip Hop Show.  This highly talented MC is about to release his CD called 'The Heirachi' which features fellow MC Omen D and was produced by ChatOne & DJ Slademan.  He is also due to release his album 'Perseverance' later this year.  We listened to some tunes from the forthcoming release and also his big tune from last year 'Yes Blood'.  Definitely one to look out for in 2010.  

15/03/10     Brainstorm
9 albums released in Latvia, 5 international albums, MTV Best Baltic Act in 2006, 25 Latvian Music Awards, third place at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2000...what else can we say? Nothing apart from thanks to the guys from Brainstorm for inviting GR to their gig at the Jazz Cafe and congratulations for the release of their new album ‘Years and Seconds’. Special thanks to Hernan Martin for taking the photos of the show which will soon be added to our Picture Gallery.                            

10/03/10     The Humanitarians
In an interview over the phone, John ‘Izzy’ Oatman -lead singer and guitarist of The Humanitarians- spoke to GR from Torquay about the release of their new album Born, which is available now from their website.     

8/03/10       Polarbear
Spoken word artist Polarbear visited GR to present his new show ‘Return – A spoken screenplay’. He also talked about his musical project –Afrobear- and workshops for aspiring performers. As if that wasn’t enough, he rewarded us with a live extract of his new play, which you can see until the 25th of March at the Battersea Arts Centre.             

18/02/10     JC, Yung Sten, Joker Starr, Anyway
One of UK's finest, Joker Starr returned to GR, this time bringing along the upcoming MC's JC, Yung Sten & Anyway, who are all from SloughJoker Starr is due to drop his new EP called 'Frazier Ali' on 22 February, which includes seven nice tunes with beats provided by Dan Solo and also features Dark Angel on a couple of tunes.  JC has a mixpape out called 'The Green Reaper Vol 1', which is available as a free downoad from his facebook page.  We listened to some tunes from the Frazier Ali EP and also from JC's mixtape.  They also blessed us with another mad freestyle session.    

12/02/10    Simon Woolf
Online Coordinator for the Brixton Pound project, Simon talked to GR about how the initiative is creating a stronger sense of community in the area and how you can take advantage of the discounts available to Brixton Pound users. We also heard how he managed to make his Christmas shopping experience a little less stressful by buying all his presents in Brixton Pounds.

11/02/10     Sheryl Buabin
Sheryl visited GR to talk about the new Clapham Park Project’s Volunteer Scheme, of which she is coordinator. We learnt how volunteering can help you to gain the skills necessary to find your dreamt job and how by giving your time you can as well help others.

05/02/10     Darren Gregg
Daren Gregg runs an organisation called Talent Mania, created in 1995 as a way to expose and promote talent to a wider audience. The non-for-profit organisation also raises awareness of worthy causes such as sickle cell, anti-violence campaigns and helps raising funds for worthwile causes.  This year's events started on January 13, with regular heats once a month.  They are open to anyone from the ages of 11-25.  For more details email Darren at

04/02/10     Nick Ephgrave
Nick Ephgrave returned to GR for a live interview on Joey Ritchie's Tea Time show.
Nick is the Metropolitan Police's Chief Superintendent for Lambeth.  This time round he answered questions sent to him by our listeners, with topics ranging from crime to stop and search policies amongst others.  He also urged people to take care so their home is not an easy target for burglars.

03/02/10      George Briggs
George Briggs is the Vicar of Clapham Park at All Saints Church, 250 Lyham Road.   George has been a resident of Clapham Park for nearly five years.  He loves the vibrant and different cultures that live in our neighbourhood and enjoys interacting with the community.  At his church there are also many community groups which have various activities taking place, such as Parent & Todler Group In Spanish.  Check our Community section to find out  more about events at All Saints Church.

02/02/10      Dion
Dion is a Life Improvement Consultant from south London.  She talked to GR about how people should follow their dreams.  She is also about to publish her first book, 'Fed-Up of Being Fed-Up at Work', which she says is a must have tool for those who wake up on Monday morning wishing it was Friday afternoon. For more details you can email her at

01/02/10      Alex Watson
Singer and songwriter from South London Alex Watson, was a special guest on the show with Pink Champagne, where she performed an accapella and also played some of her new music.  You can listen to more RnB and Neo Soul every Monday from 10pm.

01/02/10    Alex Goode & Samuel Manley (Lambeth Youth Mayor)
The current youth mayor Samuel Manley came to GR for an interview with council worker Alex Goode.  They talked about the Lambeth Youth Mayor elections for 2010 which take place this month, and also the different work they do.  You can vote by registering online and also in some schools across Lambeth.  Voting is open for Lambeth residents from the ages of 11 - 19.  Samuel stressed the importance for young people to vote.  Also look out for The Hub opening in Loughborough Junction.


29/01/10    Rev78
Brothers David and Dan Gritzman together with James Laff, from the band Rev78, visited GR to present their brand new single ‘Killing me’...or was it ‘On a night like this’? They are so busy creating great music that sometimes forget they need titles for their tunes too! They also talked about the plans to release their new album and why a finalist of the Israeli version of the X Factor wasn’t good enough to become their new singer.     

28/01/10    JackFlash
Highly talented hip hop artist from Huddersfield, JackFlash was on Thursday's Hip Hop Show (7-9pm). We had a listen to a couple of exclusives from his forthcoming 'Sound Of Colours' EP. He also performed a freestyle on a wicked beat by Strangelove.

27/01/01      John Cannell
John Cannell is the project manager of Embrace Cooperation Ltd, a non-for-profit organisation with environmental projects.  He came to GR to promote some of the events coming up.  The project is  based in Dulwich Upper Wood -near Crystal Palace- and the office is based in West Norwood.  Their next two events, all free to attend, are the bird box making on 11 February and the winter tree ID walk on 19 February. Keep an eye on our Community section to find out more about forthcoming events.

26/01/10    Stuart
Part of the Clapham Park Community Warden Service, Stuart came to GR for an interview about life as our community warden. He said that levels of crime and anti-social behaviour had dropped in the last four months. Stuart is part of a small team of wardens who provide a valuable service to the community and he loves his job. 
       FREEPHONE:  0800 32 88 979

25/01/10    Bill Payne
CEO of the Metropolitan Housing Association since 2008, Bill shared with GR his experiences in the housing sector for more than 20 years and also confessed how he missed the chance to see Jimi Hendrix’s last ever performance! 

24/01/10    Lambeth College
Students of BND in Performing Arts Year 2 recorded some jingles and a special radio play for GR, “A difference in law”, written, directed and performed by the students with help from tutor Roy Lee.


24/01/10      TY
Generation Radio was blessed with an exclusive interview with TY.
This hip hop veteran is about to release his fourth album 'Special Kind
Of Fool', which is due to be released in a few months. We had a listen to some
exclusives from the album, and also has a listen to some tracks from his last album
'Closer'. He told the listeners that he wants to be back on GR soon.

23/01/10    Joe Kovacs

South London hip hop artist Joe Kovacs returns to GR.  He performed a couple of tracks from his self produced album 'Days Of Plague & Vice'. Since his last visit, he has been busy creating his website.  He also performed a freestyle on some fresh beats by Bromicide

21/01/10     Oxfam
Karen Pryce, Shop Manager of Oxfam Furniture & Electricals Streatham, was in GR to talk about the huge effort that Oxfam is doing in Haiti to provide those who have lost everything with water, food and sanitation. You can help now by donating to Oxfam or the Disasters Emergency Committee using the following links: 


20/01/10    Jeremy Colledge
Jeremy Colledge, co-founder of Positive TV, visited GR to chat about the optimistic news that other media never seem to cover. He also talked about their new project, the Positive Foundation, and their work with several youth associations in Lambeth.

19/01/09    Catch 22
Sophie, Catch 22’s Community Youth Volunteer’s Project Coordinator, was joined by volunteers Sarah and Nadeem (pictured) in their visit to GR studios. They told us how young people can learn useful skills volunteering with the organisation and improve their chances of getting a job.

18/01/10    Owen Thompson
Managing Director of Clapham Park Homes since 2005, Owen talked to GR about his experience in the housing sector, Clapham Park’s Masterplan and what he likes to do when he is not busy planning the regeneration works in the area.

17/01/10   Mystro
On the day Generation Radio launched on 87.7FM, hip hop artist Mystro joined Murzi on his Sunday show from 6-8pm.  We listened to some tracks from  The F.D.T ep which was released recently.  You can pick it up from most online outlets.  He also blessed us with a freestyle. 


15/12/09    Hannah Lewis
Coordinator of Remade in Brixton, Hanna visited GR to let us know how we can help the environment by producing less waste and how you can take part in their workshops at their new site in the Granville Arcade (Brixton Market).

10/12/09    Duncan Law
, Coordinator of Transition Town Brixton, was in the GR studios to talk about their plans for the Christmas season and how the Brixton Pound initiative is helping to create a stronger community.

4/12/09     Scorpion Jack
David and Rohan (Scorpion Jack)
-probably the busiest musicians in Belfast- found some time between receiving awards and several gigs across London to visit GR, where they talked about what is like to do more than 200 gigs a year and rewarded us with two fantastic live tracks from their first EP ‘5 Gallon Drum’.

19/11/09   Annalisa Dorigo
Annalisa, volunteer for the Brixton Pound scheme and Clapham Park resident, was in the GR studios to talk about how the initiative can help the community by promoting local trade and keeping the money in the area for longer.

19/11/09   Serocee, LeeN & Mr Shaodow
On Thursday's Hip Hop show (7-9pm),  we had an interview with British MCs Serocee alongside LeeN & Mr Shaodow from NLT.  We listened to some of their new tunes and they also blessed us with a freestyle.

LeeN & Serocee

13/11/09   Alba Lewis
Alba,Trinity Hospice’s Fundraising Director, visited the GR studios in Clapham Park to talk about ‘Dine at Mine’, a new campaign to help the Hospice continue with their important work in South London. Check our Guests section to find out how you can help.

12/11/09   Dabbla MC & Cobes
Dabbla MC & Cobes joined Murzi on Thursday's Hip Hop show (7pm-9pm).  They are part of the hip hop group London Zoo and
in the studio  some new music from their forthcoming EP and also from their current Puppa Murc EP.  They have an awesome set of beats produced by Sumgii (some guy) & Philli B, so definitely one not to miss.  

Cobes & Dabbla MC

22/10/09     KYZA
On Thursday we had a special guest,  KYZA,who passed  through the studios on The Murzi Show from 7pm-9pm.  We listened to some of his music from his latest release'Shots Of Smirrnoff ', and also from his first album 'The Experience'.  He also blessed us with a freestyle.

23/09/09     Four 80.East 
On an Exclusive interview by phone from Canada, Ian Henry talked to Four 80.East on the Midweek Soul Show (Wednesdays 1pm-3pm).  The Jazz Fusion group spoke to us about their music and forthcoming projects.

10/09/09    Joker Starr & Micall Parknsun
Two of the UK's finest lyricists, Joker Starr and Micall Parknsun, joined Murzi in the studio for his Thursdays’ show, where they chatted about their music over the years and also blessed the audience with a freestyle. They presented music from Joker Strarr's CD 'The Northborough Estate Project' and Micall Parknsun's awesome new album 'First Second Time Around', whilst new recruit Anyway helped on the freestyle to bring their unique style to Generation Radio. 


JokerStarr & Micall Parknsun

26/07/09      Nick Ephner
Lambeth Police's new chief Mr Nick Ephner passed through the Generation Radio studios to give us an exclusive interview.  He told us how his career has progressed from starting off as a PC to where he is now and the efforts his department is doing to communicate with the community of Lambeth.  

15/07/09      Marsha Ambrosius
GR Soulstress Cheneen caught up with the talented vocalist Marsha Ambrosius before her performance at the Jazz Cafe. Once one half of dynamic duo and British neo-soul sensation Floetry, Marsha spoke of her move to the States, signing with Dre, her various collaborations -including working with Michael Jackson, the split with Natalie, her mixtapes and eagerly awaited solo debut album.

23/06/09     Katrina Naomi
The poet Katrina Naomi visited GR studios to talk with Pedro about her forthcoming collection The Girl With The Cactus Handshake and how she would be hosting The Poetry Jam to raise funds for Oxfam.

June 2009     Lonnie Liston Smith
The one and only Jazz Funk legend Mr Lonnie Liston Smith joined Ian Henry via phone on the Midweek Soul Show. He spoke to us about what he has been up to since his career began in the 70's, from forming his first group 'Lonnie Liston Smith & The Echoes' in 1973 to his current tour and new compositions.  

June 2009      MCM
Hip Hop veteranMCM joined Murzi on the Hip Hop show on Thursday (7pm-9pm).  MCM used to be part of oldskool UK rap group Caveman.  Along with Diamond J & The Principle, they were one of the first groups to be signed up to a major US record label in 1991.  Listen out to MCM's new music on Headcount Records.

May 2009     NFA
Australian MC NFA (No Fixed Abode) joined Dan Johns on the Hip Hop Time Machine (Wednesday 7pm-9pm), for a chat about his music over the years.  We heard some of his wicked tunes and witty banters.

April 2009       Rupert
Highly talented South London MC Rupert joined Dan Johns to chat about the release of his second album ‘Just Woke Up’. They played some wicked tracks from the album together with some specials 

April 2009     Joe Kovacs
South London Hip Hop artist Joe Kovacs passed through the studios and had a chat with about his album 'MurziDays Of Plague & Vice',  on his Thursday show (7pm-9pm).  He also blessed us with a live freestyle on some beats by STrangelove.

April 2009      Cyrus Da Virus
Tooting based MC Cyrus Da virus joined Murzi on his hip hop show to promote his album '15 Years In The Making'.  This has some nice tunes on it like 'Sad Times' which features the beautiful voice of Tamsin Soul &' Broken English'.  He also blessed us with a freestyle.

March 2009     BadFx
Based in North London, UK rapper BadFx came down to the studio's for an interview with Murzi on the Hip Hop show.  We listened to some of his music and also his future projects.

BadFx & The Unknown Scholar

February 2009  Ghost
Highly talented UK hip hop producer and DJ Ghost had a chat with Murzi on the phone from New Zealand. He talked about his first album ‘Seldom Seen Often Herd’ which has some wicked tunes and his new album ‘Freedom Of Thought’

28/01/09     Eva Eden
Singer-songwriterEva Eden was on The Blender to present her new singles Underworld and Funicular Railway.  Check out her music on

January 2009      Little Roy & Winston Francis
Two true legends of Reggae, Little Roy & Winston Francis,came into the studio for a chat with Murzi on his Saturday show (6pm-8pm). We listened to some of  their music over the last 35 years and their new & future projects. 

January 2009    Noel Mckoy
British Soul legend Noel Mckoy joined Ian Henry on the Weekend Soul Show for a chat about his music over the last few decades.  We listened to some of his music and talked about his future projects and the experience of playing on the same stage as Stevie Wonder and other greats.

January 2009    DJ Pied Piper
The one and only DJ Pied Piper joined Masey in the studio to play some tunes which were big in clubland at the time Garage was starting to get known in the UK.